Shiva smokes Pot?

topic posted Sun, May 14, 2006 - 6:13 PM by  Roger
I keep hearing all of a sudden about Shiva and his saints smoking pot. Is this actually traditional? I have heard the Marijuana is a Shiva sacrament. Any info to sift through the seeing conflict would be appreciated.
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    Mon, May 15, 2006 - 7:32 AM
    There are different paths and ways to reach the goal. The person who could raise "Kundalini" and got" "Siddhis would think that the method followed by him is the quickest way and all others are discarded for him. He preaches the method that gave him the peace.

    The persons who attain siddhis behave in different ways. One shuns the society and lives away from humanity. The other come back to the society and preaches the theories and practices they believe.

    No method, path, way is wrong. Every practice is right in its place. It is the choice of the practitioner to choose the way that suits to him. Any method that is followed shall be acceptable to the individual concerned.

    One visits temples, the other restrict him in performing Poojas at his home. Some reads and studies Vedas and Religious books. The other likes to hear the speeches of great people. Some follows bhajans the other listens devoted songs. Some restricts the diet and confine to vegetarian food. The other takes all types of food at the same time pray the Almighty with all devotion and dedication.

    All are right in their way. None of the path excels the other; all leads the person to the goal. Again it is emphasized that one should select a path that suits to ones temperaments. Further it is important that one should stick to the path thus selected. The diversions and deviations causes anxiety and mind disturbances.

    All intoxicants in themselves are considered tamasic generally, but it depends on who you ask. As far as intoxicants go, cannibis/ganja/hashish is sattvic.

    Also the smoking thing came much later. The original method is to drink it in a bhang mixture. This tradition still exists today. Doesn't have all the harmful effects on the lungs that smoking does, especially when mixed with tobacco like modern day sadhus do.

    Shiva's constant intoxication is interpreted different ways. There is no one way or "right" way to interpret it. We just need to interpret it for our own life and our own selves.

    Verse 326 : The Wicked Drink in Vama Tantra

    Lust and drink, fit for the wicked are they;
    In ritual unholy they drink and lose the senses
    But the wise drink the nectar streaming from His
    Which destroys egoism and bigotry

    Verse 327: Drinking in Vama Tantra Worship Leads to Perdition

    They drink and perish, who to the Vama sect belong,
    The lustful ones in sensual delights are wholly lost;
    But the pure souls find the Light of sacrifices in
    their inner flame;
    They who His true name chant, approach Him fast.

    Verse 328: Truth Eludes Drunkards

    They see not the truth, know not the Pasu-Pasa,
    They dwell not in the bounteous Lord's Divine
    In the clear light of Wisdom, Sivayoga they seek
    They, who soak in liquors, Truth never can appraise.

    Verse 329: Followers of False Religion Neither Seek nor See Him

    The fools who swear by the faith that our senses
    Who yield to the heady joys of drink - they neither
    seek or see
    Mamaya's Home, for the Maya's fetters are they
    But recovered from Maya's hold, they merge in the
    Lord and are free.

    Verse 330: Wine Stupefies Senses and Destroys Truth

    The fumes of wine stupor bring and destroy the
    And make us seek the false, delusive joys of lust;
    Such advance not to Wisdom true, of sweet reason
    Will such attain the eternal Bliss truest?

    Sivaya Namah
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      Tue, May 16, 2006 - 7:10 AM
      I welcome you with great love and great respect.

      Manish is totally correct! As Sri Swami Ramakrishna said there are many paths to God. Through history drugs have always played a central role in getting one in touch with ecstatic states. The great problem is that you have to deal with all the drug side effects and in all but a very few cases one does not know how to get back to those sublime states without the drug.

      Shiva is the Lord of being the way to yoke you to God. The various spiritual practices contained in yoga are for getting you to the ecstatic state, getting you to union with God, and eventually establishing you in God-consciousness.....Sahaj Samadhi. This is the very very short version of a post that could take volumes on this subject


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        Wed, May 17, 2006 - 3:35 AM
        Yes Swami-Ji! They(drugs)can play tricks on your mind!~
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          Tue, July 11, 2006 - 8:05 AM
          I totally disagree with the QUOTE that bhang(hashish,marijuana) are satvic! What rubbish?
          Srimadbhagwadgita (chapter 18) clearly states such things tamasic and only tamasic people crave for them.
          I've been with a sadhu from naga cult, he smokes hashish filled in cigrettes all day but he is a very proficient yogi and has taken 108+ samadhies till date. He is also 90+ years old, still travels all around on his bicycle.(this is due to his proficiency in hathyog)
          Not all others who smoke bhang are same, 95% smoke for ecstacy and gave excuse of Shankar.
          But the sanyasi from swami cult that I'm fortunate to know explained me that this way is not the way one should wander on, though many sidhies or supernatural powers are attained, no progress is made towards god. These people (who smoke hashish) have extreme anger in them and they wont hesitate in murdering someone!( Many are drug peddelers)
          Ground Reality is far from what we expect! (also i'ld like to add that most so called guru's etc are just there to make money, real ones are found only by grace of god)
          So one should be better trying to come over the urges in him rather than making excuses for ecstacy.
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            Tue, July 11, 2006 - 10:53 AM
            why make excuses when you can transform forces of bondage into forces of liberation?
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              Wed, July 12, 2006 - 3:24 PM
              smoking GANGA is also considered detachment from the body by Shaiviites=
              i believe it is best taken with mudra, mantra and asana = it is part of my daily worship.
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                Wed, July 12, 2006 - 6:47 PM
                Cannabis and its products have damaging effect on mind. In our region shiv is worship like no other form of god, and hashish gets illegally trafficed from this area which is said to be top quality all over! but still I see only some addicts take hashish, not others.

                Tibetians too use some drugs initially to show new ones what experiences meditation holds! one might see vivid paranormal experiences but the only thing that seperates is that using these drugs one cant progress neither can feel these paranormal experiences. So tibetians use quantities wisely and just for a while to have newbies motivated.

                Still I'ld never recommend it to anyoe.
                Thats all I want to say.
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                  Tue, July 25, 2006 - 6:41 AM
                  ...Lord Shiva....Our All...Our Omnipresent Divine be all, and exisit in all, therfore is all.....ganja included.
                  It is not so much as to Cannabis effects the mind, (or as you choose to belive...damages it.)...but it is really a matter of what you allow your mind to belive. Tamas is only that because you belive it to be.....realise, all that all that ever will be.......and that it is only our human perceptions that define it's worth.
                  Cannabis, is nature-divine...not mind...what is more real, more everlasting?

                  *Om Shambhu Devaya Swaha*
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                Thu, July 13, 2006 - 8:17 AM
                just a slight correction gayatri- u mean ganja and not GANGA (who is ganga devi the goddess of the river ganges) just to clarify :)

                maybe all that ganja is clouding ur worship? lol ;)

                im just kidding btw :)
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                  Thu, July 13, 2006 - 11:11 AM
                  Every time I settle on an absolute opinion on the question of Ganja
                  i get proven wrong...

                  When i say "yes, it is a sacrament when smoked with high intention",
                  i see all of the examples of people who are deluded, polluted and ruined using it.

                  When I say "no, it is a self-deceiving indulgence disquised as a sacrament",
                  I see all of the examples of people who are genuinely beaming with brilliance and peace using it.

                  I think that it is sacred to Lord Shiva because, like Him, it cannot be put in a box and defined. Anything that you say about it will be true and untrue.

                  Bom Shiva!
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            Tue, July 25, 2006 - 6:23 AM
            Peace Brother...
            ..every path is divinley perfect.

            *Om Shambhu Deveya Swaha*
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              Tue, July 25, 2006 - 12:21 PM
              so Nadja... i have a question for you..
              if someone you loved dearly was being killed by a person
              that claimed God or Shiva told them to do so as part of their spiritual path,
              would you just stand there saying "every path is divinely perfect"?
              does this mean that you support all those muslim extremist and suicide bombers and such?
              be careful with that extreme non-dualist stuff ;)
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                Tue, July 25, 2006 - 1:09 PM
                I'm gonna jump in here...

                yep, even that is God.

                realizing Nonduality however, is different than choosing the path of inaction. if I feel I am wronged, I will do what I can to right it. however, I realize that even if it's something that to me is terrible, it is all just part of the divine play.

                rape. murder. the Holocaust.

                all of this is part of the One, there is no duality.

                that doesn't mean we shouldn't do our part to prevent such things! ultimately all harm is self harm, because we are all part of a unified whole. we just don't always realize it.
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                  Wed, July 26, 2006 - 6:54 AM
                  thank you for your input and perspective saul.. you make a good point about inaction vs. action.. we should do whatever
                  it takes to help God, who is both the One and the Many, in all of His/Her creation.. in duality and beyond duality..
                  although there is only that One behind it all.. duality is still very much real.. becuase if it wasn't, i don't think we would
                  be here typing away on Tribe.. i believe that it's not duality that goes away.. but rather our conciousness that changes..
                  instead of seeing the duality we start to see more of the non-dual behind the dual.. but that doesn't mean that there is no
                  my point was also that, for those who are not beyond duality -- my self included :)
                  to talk about or preach non-duality is like a fish that has lived only in a fishbowl or a small pond its entire life trying to tell other fish what it's like to swim in the ocean.. sure he may have heard stories from other fish who have been in the ocean,
                  about what it is like to swim in the ocean.. but he himself has never experienced the ocean ..
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                Wed, September 13, 2006 - 5:58 AM
                ....Sorry for the delayed response...just found this post...
                Jamie....I need not be careful with anything, as long as it's of Heart.

                "If someone you loved dearly was being killed by a person
                that claimed God or Shiva told them to do so as part of their spiritual path,
                would you just stand there saying "every path is divinely perfect"? "
                No Jamie, I'd Know "every path is divinely perfect", this does not however mean that I would not continue to live in the heart, and be guided to do what I can, as best as I can, in any moment, in all situations. Truth be told, I would strive to survive, and even sacrifice, if my heart lead me to do so.
                Accepting every moment as perfect, dissolves suffering, and alows one to see deeper into all situations, knowing that always, when an action its taken, it ripples extend out, and it effects the ALL....therfore, with out Bombs, Earthquakes, Dis-ease....we would not be given the situations to learn and grow from, to feel and heal from, to be confused and then see clearly from...all here in the intricate web of inter-related teach us the lessons we came down here to learn.

                This is one Key to Happiness...

                Nadja ~ OM Shanti
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            Mon, September 25, 2006 - 5:55 AM
            dear sir- while we are having a discussion please refrain from blanket statements that may arouse others passions against you.
            such as "these people who smoke hashish have extreme anger in them and wont hesitate in murdering someone"
            the part about them being drug peddlars is circular logic as the drug in question is probably (surprise) hashish- as the Charras is highly sought after in the west as the best hashish in the world- bar none.
            your use of the word "drug" selectively is inappropriate as we are discussing Marijuana and historical Shaivaite use.
            Despite the current war on drugs and an intellectual climate that both disparages and encourages the use of this plant through needless glamorization/vilification, it has historical contexts AND to counter your claim- i will say that it calms people down.
            You simply must consume some cannabis to demonstrate this. I think you will find my statement generally correct . Hashish is USEFUL in cases of individuals with too much anger... It defuses.
            Ectasy as a state needs no excuse and i wonder if this is not Shankar in itself?
            please explain the proper way one might use Bhang for Bom Shankar and what attitude towards Cannabis do you consider to be healthy.
            Thank You
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              Wed, March 21, 2007 - 4:35 AM
              "- i will say that it calms people down."

              Like, trough cannabis-psychosis?

              Those ideas are great that there is non dualism, everything is vast as space.
              But it can go far in nihilism or eternalism.

              We live in relative world, that is a fact. Water is wet
              and wont change it nature to a another.
              Or maybe when you can change it nature, you can smoke whatever you like...?
              Or maybe you have had already too many...?
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                Wed, March 21, 2007 - 9:08 AM
                >>Water is wet and wont change it nature to a another.

                ever had an ice cube or watched water evaporate? it's nature can be of a liquid, solid or gas.
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                  Wed, March 21, 2007 - 10:45 AM
                  very good point saul.
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                    Wed, March 21, 2007 - 12:04 PM
                    I was lying in bed with my girlfriend the other night and I was thinking about this discussion, although it hasn't been so active.

                    I thought, what drug is totally Tamasic, as someone stated all drugs were on this thread?

                    so I thought, Heroin, right? totally Tamas...

                    nope. think about it - yes it's PRIMARILY Tamasic but think about when a junky runs out - they go out and GET it or steal to get it - Rajas... and when that beatific high hits, Sattva...

                    there's nothing that I could think of that didn't contain all three Gunas in some proportion.
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                  Thu, March 29, 2007 - 10:57 AM
                  "ever had an ice cube or watched water evaporate? it's nature can be of a liquid, solid or gas."

                  Urgh... gas is gas and what is solid is solid...?

                  I assume.

                  Maybe i am wrong in here.

                  About the high, its same with coffee. After the high
                  youre more tired.

                  Sattva is about balance, like the routes of planets.
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                    Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

                    Thu, March 29, 2007 - 12:00 PM
                    >>Urgh... gas is gas and what is solid is solid...?
                    >>I assume.
                    >>Maybe i am wrong in here.

                    basic physics dude. everyone knows how water changes through the three different stages... right?
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                      Fri, March 30, 2007 - 3:59 AM
                      "basic physics dude. everyone knows how water changes through the three different stages... right?"

                      Actually there is four; plasma.

                      btw, why buddhist monks dont smoke pot if its so good way to enlightment?
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                        Fri, March 30, 2007 - 3:42 PM
                        well I certainly don't know how to change water into plasma, but I sure know how to turn it into a solid, a liquid or a gas.

                        as for ganja, this is after all a Hindu tribe and not a Buddhist one so I don't see how your query is relevant - and just as drinking and having sex doesn't make you a Tantrika, smoking pot doesn't make you enlightened - just look at all the potheads who simply watch TV all day! it is in the application.

                        why don't Buddhist monks do a lot of things that Hindu mystics do? oh, because it's a different religion - that whole thing.
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                          Mon, April 2, 2007 - 1:45 AM
                          "just look at all the potheads who simply watch TV all day! it is in the application. "

                          Why watching TV cant be tantrik practice?
                          (i think you are just a n00b)

                          You know, it really grows your resistance to different things, try Oprah Winfrey sometime

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                            Mon, April 2, 2007 - 10:38 AM
                            if you'd like to argue that the majority of the people I am talking about are sadhakas, I'd respectfully disagree.

                            but the goal is to make everything sadhana, including watching banal television.... in that we agree.
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                            Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

                            Tue, April 3, 2007 - 4:35 AM
                            I don't get it why all this discussion just do it! There's a good reason why many yogis smoke ganja.

                            First don't smoke ganja and try to focus your mind, then smoke some ganja and see what happens... but maybe your afraid you like arguing more...
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                        Fri, March 30, 2007 - 11:19 PM
                        there are zen buddhist monks and other sects im sure that do all sorts of tamasic things.. the go out of the monastary on their breaks and eat meat, smoke cigs, do whatever. Im sure if they could get herb they would smoke it too. Im not saying smoking anything is sattvic, as Im no ayurvedic doctor nor great yogi... but it's really easy to judge others, but not easy to know for sure. just my two bits
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                          Sat, March 31, 2007 - 12:56 AM
                          I can think of one famous example of a Buddhist who was quite controversial... Chogyam Trungpa. of course, he did tell his students to stop smoking pot but he also drank like a fish. personally I think the ganja is better for you than alcohol.

                          but it is of course in the application, and like I stated above, Buddhism is a different (although at times converging) path, so what works for one person or sect may not be the same for another.
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                            Mon, April 2, 2007 - 3:49 AM
                            "Chogyam Trungpa. of course, he did tell his students to stop smoking pot but he also drank like a fish. "

                            Well yea, Chogyam also said to one his fella monk to practice sex even though he had the HIV.
                            Told something about that his "varja guard" is going to protect him.

                            Fantasy is always a fantasy.

                            btw, why do you use pot in practices?

                            If its for experiences, do you get more attached to them?
                            (why do you need experiences?)

                            Is it possible to do practices without the pot?
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                              Mon, April 2, 2007 - 10:39 AM
                              me personally or people in general?

                              speaking for myself, I find it conducive to puja - but I was performing puja before I started smoking ganja (after years of not touching the stuff)
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                                Thu, April 5, 2007 - 1:24 AM
                                "I find it conducive to puja"

                                Why? no offence, but it is bit groundless like this
                                because it doesnt give any reason to practice with ganja
                                if the results are in the end just the same.
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      Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

      Fri, August 25, 2006 - 12:03 AM
      Yes, many Shiva sadhus smoke up. Mary J and worse.

      No, they don't have the same dualistic split in consciousness as far as "pot is good" vs. "pot is bad" that Westerners do.

      Rapist. Saint. Sadhu. All are One.
      All are Shiva.
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    Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

    Sat, September 9, 2006 - 10:55 AM
    I think that peope are getting too centered on the marijuana issue.

    So many cultures around the world have various ORGANIC substances that are used in certain spiritual / religious rites.

    Marijuana is used by some (not all) members of (1) Hinduism (2) Native Americans (3) Rastafarians

    In Australia there is a ceremony where the young initiate inhales an alkaloid substance that places them in a altered state of consciousness.

    Then again you also find these practices in Central and South America and Africa.

    I should add that within the Saivite Sect there are those who use substances / sacraments like marijuana, hashish and other things, and on the other side of the coin there are Saivites who do not use these things.

    It is up to the individual's needs.

    Then again I know of one person who was incredibly ignorant and on a path of self destructive behavior. This fool unknowingly ingested a substance that put them in an altered state of consciousness big time.

    After that the door was opened and this person eventually embraced the Sanatana Dharma, stopped using pot, cocaine and alcohol, became vegetarian and so on.

    And although this person can obtain that substance they ingested years ago, they elected not to because they do not need it.

    Again I just wanted to point out that marijuana is not the only organic substance some followers of Lord Siva use and I say "some followers" because the choice is a personal one.
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      Wed, March 7, 2007 - 1:43 AM
      Ganja is Medicine, right? Who takes medicine? People who are sick. When you are no longer needing you stop taking the medicine. right?
      • Shiva smokes Pot? (ganja and Ayurveda)

        Wed, March 7, 2007 - 9:46 AM
        Stolen from an old thread in a different group :

        In the United States, in the Harrison Narcotic Act, a narcotic is defined as a 'dangerous, addictive agent'. Cannabis, therefore, is not legally a narcotic but a hallucinogen (which are not addictive).

        Hallucinogens do more then impact vision - as is commonly misunderstood - but have an affect on all senses: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory.

        Now found the world over, Cannabis is native to Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia. It is an ancient hallucinogen, well known to pre-, Vedic, and post-Vedic cultures. From an Ayurvedic perspective, Cannabis has fifty (50) chemical structures that are medically promising.

        According to Bharat-India myth, the Gods gifted humans with Cannabis so that we may enjoy Ananda-bliss. Another myth relates that when the Devas-Gods and Asuras-Demons churned the ocean, one of the many blessings released was Cannabis; which the Devas immediately called Vijaya-victory.

        According to many references in the Rig Veda, Bhang - a drink made from Cannabis - was the favorite drink of both Siva and Indra (whose names mean 'Auspiciousness' and 'Lord of Heaven', respectively). Siva advised that humans should chant the word "Bhangi" while smoking and drinking Cannabis, equally as we sow, weed and harvest the plant. Meaning, Bhangi is the mantra of Cannabis.

        According to historians and archeologists, Cannabis has been used for some 10,000 years; certainly since the discovery of agriculture. In fact, Cannabis is considered one of the world's oldest cultivars; a plant with five purposes:
        - hemp fiber (clothing and textiles)
        - hemp oil (medicine and food)
        - hemp seed (food)
        - hallucinogen (spiritual awareness)
        - therapy (used to treat illness)

        Throughout its history, Cannabis has been considered a member of the nettle family, the fig family, and the hops family. It is said that Buddha ate six Cannabis seeds a day during his six year fast (some stories relate one seed a day). In some depictions of Buddha, his Sadhu bowl contains Cannabis leaves.

        According to the Arthava Veda - from which Ayurveda derives - Cannabis is one of the Somas - divine herbs or nectars given to man for their good health and long life. The Sushruta Samhita, written in the 6th century common era, lists Cannabis as an 'essential herb' for the cure from virtually everything from acne and dandruff, to cancer and leprosy, to sexually transmitted disease to insomnia. The Bharaprakasha Samhita, 1600 ACE, lists Cannabis as the primary cure to rid the body of phlegm, to ease digestive disorders, and enhance the voice (for both speaking and mantra).

        Certainly, in Bharat-India and Tibet, Cannabis has reached a state of refinement and importance in both daily use and religious observance. This fact can be seen in the many preparations of Cannabis, such as:
        - Bhang = Cannabis mixed with spices and consumed as candy (maajun), or tea (bhanga);
        - Ganja = flowering tops pressed to induce chemical changes; then smoked with tobacco (charas).

        Finally, Tibetan Buddhism lists six steps of asceticism that all contain the use of Cannabis; primarily as a tool to faciitate deep meditation and heightened awareness.

        Clearly, these examples relate that Cannabis is - first and foremost - to be used as medicine and to enchance spiritual awareness. In the West today, this is not the case. Mostly, today, Cannabis is abused, and so has become a social, moral and health hazard. Which is why the true history of Cannabis needs be researched and so understood: so that the original wisdom of this remarkable herb can be fully embraced in an intelligent and spiritual context.
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          Wed, March 7, 2007 - 11:56 AM
          kinda funny story... so almost two weeks ago (at shivratri) I sat with Dr. Vasant Lad, leading Ayurvedic Dr in the west.. I asked him how I can detoxify my body from many years of smoking Ganja daily, and he began to tell me which other plants/herbs to add to my mixture with Ganja so that it doesn't have the negative effects. I laughed and I said, "No, Im not smoking anymore, I want to detox." So he then recomended the typical Ayurvedic detox program, but he didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I'm still not smoking! hurray for me!! it's been pretty much daily since about '91
  • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

    Wed, March 21, 2007 - 11:26 AM
    usuaily herbs to detox the liver are recommended, Shanka Pushpi, Vacha, Brahmi, Jatamamsi, Guduchi, Chitrak, turmeric, aloe. I studied with Dr. Lad for 3 years. One time he said that you could make ghee infused with Ganja, Dhatura and shrooms and rub it on your temples for a "great meditation" that was amusing, Do not eat this stuff, Dhatura can cause temporary insanity, unless of course your Shiva with the blue throat who eats poison. An old sadhu in Nepal told me that when shiva walked the earth he ate nothing but Dhatura, I have my doubts, but Dhatura-thorn apple is the plant of Shiva, more so than Ganja, according to the Sadhus that I talked to.
    • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

      Thu, March 22, 2007 - 12:49 PM
      Thanks Ananta! Im going to make a salve now. I didn't know Siva was so connected to Datura. I thought I was being yogic by eating ghee and honey.. I've got a lot to learn. ; )
      • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

        Thu, March 22, 2007 - 7:44 PM
        some Sadhus mix datura with their Charas... that is a dark trip right there, if you come out the other side.
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          Sun, April 1, 2007 - 12:03 AM
          Ganja smoking or smoking anything destroys the capilaries in your lungs, having a negative effect on real prana absorbtion. Heat destroys when breathed in, sorry to say, but it's ayurvedicly taught this way. Until you have surpassed the material body you can not compare yourself to the stories of Shiva or any other Siddha.
          • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

            Mon, April 2, 2007 - 7:12 AM
            I agree my tantrik practice passed down from Tantrik master strictly forbids any intoxicants or drugs but in Ayurveda there is a whole chapter on "Dhuman" use of smoking herbs for medicinal use, it is said in the scriptures that proper use of smoking can cure many health disorders especially above the neck(ENT) and improper use of smoking can cause all kinds of diseases. They consider Ganja to be toxic unless it is treated, they smoke herbs and spices in Ayurveda with a special yantra (basicaly a specially designed pipe)
          • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

            Mon, April 2, 2007 - 9:04 AM
            "Until you have surpassed the material body you can not compare yourself to the stories of Shiva or any other Siddha."

            Why does the Lord set a bad example for mankind?

            And Suka answers: (X - 33 -30 to 38): The status of Ishvara is not harmed by any apparently audacious transgression of morality we may see in Him, for He is just like fire, that devours everything fed into it and remains unpolluted. We ordinary people should never imitate the behavior of such ruling personalities, even mentally. If out of foolishness an ordinary person does imitate such behaviour, he will simply destroy himself, just as a person who is not Rudra would destroy himself if he tried to drink an ocean of poison. It is the words of Ishvara which we should follow, not those of His actions which are inconsistent with those words.

            • Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

              Tue, April 10, 2007 - 1:22 AM
              Well after making my original post my conclusion runs thus. First, Sri Ramakrishna said, "God is simple, everything else is complicated." Second, all paths are different. We say. "I'm hindu, I'm buddhist." Truth is we are all entrapped in ignorance, struggling through the unique jungle of our own minds to find the end of diversity. We are each on our own perfect spiritual path, only Shiva truly understands it. Those who trust in their creator will know this, but continue to act according to their Dharma. It is impossible to do otherwise.

              In regards to Marijuana and hashish, it is not necessary for the spiritual path. It is no more inherently necessary than ritual worship, but like puja it may be an aid for some, and a hindrance to others. The Creator alone knows the meeting of the rivers of our lives, therefore our spiritual path is only judicable by the Creator. Your spiritual path is between you and God. How shall we then know the right way? With faith, intuition, and discriminative reasoning. For faith and intuition when married push man beyond the simple conclusion, and viveka (discriminative reasoning) prevents us from wallowing in folly, pressing us forward towards more comprehensive truths. Here I say intuition, but I also mean subjective experience, the mystical experience. And thus with intuition do we know ourselves and what experiences lead us to find satisfaction, contentment, and meaning. These are the symptoms of God consciousness. Marijuana therefore can only be known by experience and intuition, with right intent. God alone will reveal his light, and illumine the path we walk. The darker it gets the more lost we are. But having once seen even a little light, you will know light forever, and seek it. It is the only thing to seek.

              My experience with experimenting with ganja is thus. When combined with focused mind in sadhana it greatly excites the activity of Prana, and accelerates the arousal of the Kundalini energy. I think therefore that the partaking of Marijuana is more suited to practitioners of Laya, Tantra, and even Raja Yogas. It may not be appropriate for Karma and Bhakti yogin. Regarding Jnana yogi, it can only be determined by him, for he is always working from the reasoning on experience.

              Whatever inspires you, follow. Whom else shall we follow but our hearts? Is anything certain? Have faith in what inspires you. If you are not inspired it is false faith, a unnatural clinging. If you find Ganja inspiring, then so shall be your faith. This is your Dharma, perfect and immutable; annul-able only by the Creator. Innumerable are the paths men may take to reach the summit of the mount, and even more varied shall be the number of their steps. Yet the goal is the same, and God alone has the right to judge the mountain. When you judge the art, you judge the Artist. This little conglomeration of the elements, wrapped in space relative to time cannot grasp the eternal and absolute. It is only receptive to the imperative of the absolute which contains it. And if the absolute nature is served in any way, it cannot be questioned. Not to say that it should not; on the contrary questioning makes receptive the vessel of imperative. But it simply beyond the nature of our relative being, to comprehend the absolute being. Shall the dark comprehend the light? It is only when dark is present that light can be known. Without two sides there cannot be only one.

              I hope I did not seem to ramble to much, or get too much off topic. But if you can discern the thread of my words, I think the sacramental nature of Marijuana becomes truly clear.

              Om Namah Shivaaya!
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                Thu, April 12, 2007 - 2:53 AM
                I think i am going to steal hamburgers and watch TV all the day,
                maybe i throw some garbage on nature too.

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                  Thu, April 12, 2007 - 11:03 AM
                  Or you can just keep being a jackass......

                  Seriously though, if you don't have anything constructive to post there is no need to be a sarcastic jerk. That's my job ;)
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                    Re: Shiva smokes Pot?

                    Thu, April 12, 2007 - 12:26 PM
                    "Or you can just keep being a jackass...... "

                    You mean monkey...?

                    Yea, it was bit stupid, my apologies.

                    Even though every path is perfect i dont see
                    why every path would be the fastest.